The Spa at Beverly Wilshire is the first and only Spa in the United States to launch the exclusive Diamond Rose Collection – a luxurious beauty treatment with exquisite Damask rose and diamond dust – by NATURA BISSÉ. The Damask rose absolute is oil obtained from Damask roses from Morocco and created by using a specific extraction system which can produce a fragrance almost identical to the scent of fresh roses. Considered the queen of flowers and used since ancient times as a beauty elixir, Damask rose provides extraordinary rejuvenating and relaxing benefits.

Diamond Rose Ritual at The Spa

The Diamond Rose Facial: A facial to awaken an inner glow
This complete and exclusive facial includes a deep, brightening cleansing ritual based on Eastern techniques, a nectar for cellular energy activation, regenerative and lifting massages, and a cutting-edge sculpting mask to reveal wonderfully rejuvenated glowing skin.

The Diamond Rose Body Treatment: A luxurious body treatment
This exquisite body treatment includes a Damask Rose Absolute oil and Diamond Dust exfoliation. After a delicate exfoliating massage, skin regains its beauty thanks to a rich lotion with essential oils, which includes powerful nourishing ingredients. A finishing product provides a subtle velvety touch, revealing skin that is softer and smoother than ever. The Damask rose absolute covers skin with an elegant silky veil, renewing and treating it with extraordinary delicacy while enveloping the body in a luxurious floral fragrance.

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